Adviser Update

AMG SuperMatch Adviser Update

Finding your client’s super through AMG

AMG Super has made finding and consolidating your client’s super even easier. Did you know that you can search for any other super accounts (including lost super) held by your clients through the AMG Super platform?  With over $17 billion in lost super in Australia waiting to be claimed, this simple process is a great extra service to offer your AMG Super clients.

You (or your clients) can use the SuperMatch search functionality through AMG Super, which will check your client’s details against the ATO’s database and return any results in as little as 30 minutes (but may take the ATO up to 24 hours in some circumstances). The results will detail if your client has lost superannuation money held by the ATO or super money being held with other funds.

You can initiate a search for your clients by simply going – Transactions > Cash Transactions > then the SuperMatch search tab.  When you perform the search, you have the option to automatically consolidate money held by the ATO without needing paperwork.  For money held with other super funds, we will send a letter to your clients detailing the results and allowing them to select which funds they wish to consolidate.

To view the search results, simply click the ‘Super Match Details’ from the left-hand menu.

Important: New 2-Factor Authentication Process

The ATO has introduced a new 2-factor authentication process for SuperMatch searches. This means that you will need to have a mobile on file so you can receive a texted code before the search will run. Your clients can run this search too! If you or your client wants to run the search and don’t have a mobile on file, you can give us a call on 1300 264 264 to update your details.

Getting control of your super is easy with AMG

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