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Applying for Medibank Private under the General Public Offer

If you wish to apply under the General Public Offer for your AMG Super clients and your Dealer Group offers centralised processing of applications through DVP please take up the offer through these procedures.
Alternatively, to apply there are two steps you must follow:

1.  Complete the normal online application process

    • It is very important that the details you enter exactly match the details on the HIN. However, you will note that the online application does not provide enough space to fit the complete Trust Name. Therefore please abbreviate to ‘The Trust Company (Super) Ltd’.
    • Payment should be made by Direct Debit by entering the BOQ CMA details linked to the HIN.

2.  Complete the  Invalid download ID. listing the details of all your clients who have applied and email it to us at Again it is critical that the details you enter on the spreadsheet exactly match the details on the HIN, without any abbreviations.

Why do we need the spreadsheet?

As mentioned above, the Medibank online application does not allow the full Trust details to be completed correctly. As a result CHESS may not be able to correctly match the application to the HIN. This would result in the shares being Issuer Sponsored, which may cause delays in being able to transact on the shares. To attempt to solve this issue we will be submitting a consolidated list of all AMG clients who have applied via the online application to Computershare to amend the details.

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact Terry Constable, Adviser Services Manager on (07) 3228 2632 or

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