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Auto-Cash Sweeping and New Marketing Material

Reminder- Automatic Cash Sweeping facility now available

AMG Super recently implemented an automatic facility to take the hassle out of managing the transfer of cash between your client’s high interest DDH Graham Advantage Cash Fund and their DDH Graham BOQ CMA.

Advisers now have the ability to opt-in to the ‘Auto-Cash Sweeping’ facility for each of their clients. The Auto-Cash Sweeping facility is run each Monday and will automatically sweep any funds above the minimum required (5% of the portfolio value or $5000 whichever is lesser) from the DDH Graham Advantage Cash Fund, into the client’s CMA ready for trading. These funds will be available the next day and only amounts above $500 will be transferred.

To opt-in to the Auto-Cash Sweeping facility simply email us at and note which clients you would like to have Auto-Cash Sweeping enabled.

Advisers are also still welcome to email and request a transfer/s between the two accounts on an ‘as required’ basis. If these requests are received before 2pm the funds will be transferred overnight.

Please note that the CMA trading account returns 2.0% pa whilst the DDH Graham Advantage Cash Fund returns a higher level of interest – please click here for information on the returns of this fund.

New Marketing Material

One of the key selling features of AMG Super is the control and flexibility it can give a member over their super.  However, a lot of clients can become confused by all the different types of super funds available and struggle to understand the differences between them.

To help make this easier we have designed the attached ‘Super Product Mix’ to provide a snapshot of the different types of super funds and where AMG Super sits in the market.  This flyer should make it easier to explain to clients the additional flexibility and benefits that AMG Super delivers.

 To view the complete range of marketing material available, please click on the following link:

If you would like any further information on Auto-Cash Sweeping or have any requests on marketing material, please feel free to contact Terry Constable, Adviser Services Manager on (07) 3228 2632 or .

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