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New AMG Super PDS

New AMG Super PDS

The new AMG Personal Super and Pension PDS and AMG Corporate Super PDS are now available online.

AMG Super is continuing to improve product features to meet the demands of advisers and members. The latest product improvements include reduced fees and updated trading rules to provide greater investment flexibility.

NEW Trading Rules

With the growth of ETFs and LICs, AMG Super has adjusted the trading rules to allow advisers more freedom and clarity when constructing member portfolios. The new guidelines are:

ASX Listed Investment Type                      Single Holdings Limit     Aggregated Holding Limit
Ordinary Securities (inside ASX200) 25% 100%
Ordinary Securities (outside ASX200) 25% 50%
ETFs and LICs 50% 100%
ETF Commodities & Currencies 25% 25%

Note: Hybrid securities and warrants are treated the same as the underlying entity’s ordinary shares.

These more flexible rules apply immediately.  We will continue to monitor all member accounts as normal and you will be notified if any of your clients’ portfolios fall outside these rules.

Fees Reduced

We are pleased to announce that we have:

  • Removed the $3 Pension Payment Fee, and
  • Reduced the partial rollover fee to $20. This new reduced partial rollover fee will assist with rollovers linking to external insurance.

These changes will be applied to all AMG accounts automatically.

More Information
To view the updated PDSs and the incorporated product enhancements in more detail, please click here.
As always we welcome feedback on the AMG Super products and features. Please direct your feedback to our distribution team:

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