PDS and Forms

Product Disclosure Statement

AMG Personal Super & Pension Product Disclosure Statement

AMG Personal Super & Pension Additional Information Booklet

AMG Corporate Super Product Disclosure Statement

AMG Corporate Super Additional Information Booklet

AMG Personal Super Application Forms

Personal Super Application

Join AMG Super as a Personal member

Pension Application

Join AMG Super as a Pension member

Pension Restart Application

Restart an existing pension account

AMG Corporate Super Application Forms

AMG Corporate Super Employer Registration Form

For employers who have employees whom are existing members of AMG Super and would like to obtain an employer number.

AMG Corporate Super Employer Application Form

Apply for membership benefits for your employees

AMG Corporate Super Member Application Form

Open a Corporate Super account

AMG Corporate Super Investment Choice Form

Make an investment selection in your Corporate Super Account


Insurance Cover Application

Apply for Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and/or Salary Continuance Insurance cover

Insurance Transfer

Transfer of existing insurance cover from another super fund to AMG Super

Occupational Rating Guide

Review the risk factor of your occupation.

General Forms

Adviser Nomination

This form is to be completed when an existing member nominates a new adviser to manage his/her account.

Adviser Registration

This form is to be completed when a new adviser registers with AMG Super

Benefit Payment Request

For cash withdrawals and rolling out your super

Binding Nomination of Beneficiary

Make a binding nomination of beneficiary

Note: Original signed form must be posted to AMG Super

Change of Member Details Form

Update your account information including your contact details

Change of Pension Details

To change details of an existing pension account

Compliance Statement

Statement explaining that AMG is a complying superannuation fund including relevant payment details

Contribution Splitting

Request to split a contribution

Corporate to Personal transfer

Transfer from Corporate division to Personal

Direct Debit Request

Arrange to pay AMG contributions via direct debit

Early Release Application – Compassionate Grounds

Make a compassionate grounds claim

Early Release Application – Severe Financial Hardship

Make an application for early release of your Superannuation due to severe financial hardship.

Family Discount

This form can be used by family groups to receive a discount on their administration fees when two or more family members hold an AMG Super account.

Investment Choice – Personal Super & Pension

Select the initial investment options within your Personal Super or Pension Account

Investment Switch

Switch between investment options

KiwiSaver Transfer Request

Transfer your superannuation to a New Zealand KiwiSaver account

Member Online Access

Request access to your online member account

Member Voluntary Contribution

Make a member voluntary contribution

Optional Advice Fee Authorisation

Authorise a one-off fee to be deducted from your AMG account to be paid to your financial adviser

Pension Payment Request

To request a one-off pension payment

Request to Transfer

Transfer funds from another super fund into your AMG Super account

Reversionary Beneficiary

Nominate a reversionary beneficiary for your Allocated Pension

Spouse Contribution

Make a contribution on behalf of your spouse

Standard Choice

Choose AMG Super as your super fund with your employer

SuperMatch Request

Search for and consolidate multiple Super Funds to AMG Super

Tax File Number Notification

Notify AMG Super of your TFN number

Tax File Number Declaration

This form is to be completed when a member applies for a pension account under Transition to Retirement (TTR) strategy and is under age 60.

Note: Original signed copy is to be posted to AMG Super.

Transitional CGT Relief

This form is for members with pension accounts above $1.6 million who would like to nominate specific holdings to transfer back to accumulation phase.

Annual Report

AMG Super – 2017/18 Annual Report

AMG Annual Statements – Frequently Asked Questions Guide

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