Super Product Solutions

Account options to suit any stage of your life

Acclaim Super & Pension

AMG provides you with the right platform for your super whether you’re building your super balance,

transitioning to retirement, or already retired.

Each account option is designed to provide you with control over your super, investment flexibility and complete transparency.

Investment flexibility

Listed securities, ETFs, LICs, managed funds, IPOs and term deposits.


Flexibility to choose the right insurance provider for your needs and fund death, TPD and income protection through your super.

Reporting tools

Comprehensive portfolio reporting and 24/7 account access.

Family fee aggregation

Link up to four family accounts to receive an administration fee discount.


Experienced and passionate customer service team based in Australia.

HIN platform

Transparent, portable control over your investments, allowing advisers to manage their clients’ investments more easily than ever before.

Acclaim Super

Our Acclaim Super account can receive contributions made by your employer, all other eligible contributions, and rollovers from other funds.

You have complete visibility over your investments and fees, and your choice between several insurance providers.

Features and Benefits of Acclaim Super


 Ability to invest in ASX listed direct equities

Individual HIN for every member – CHESS sponsored by broker

Ability to fully participate in corporate actions

Ability to off market transfer shares in and out of the fund

Clients receive franking credits when dividend is paid

Automatic transfer of existing insurance inside super


Acclaim Pension

Acclaim Pension takes the work out of your hands as you move from superannuation accumulation phase to pension phase, ensuring no capital gains are raised and simplifying the transition process.

Transition to retirement

If you have reached your preservation age (i.e. the age you can access your super) you can start a Transition to Retirement (TTR) income stream and supplement your income while still working.

Account based pensions

If you are in or near retirement, our account based pension provides a tax-advantage solution for generating a regular income from your superannuation.

AMG Corporate Super

AMG Corporate Super provides a low cost MySuper compliant solution for employers combined with the flexibility that allows employees to take control over how their super is invested.

AMG Core Super

AMG Core Super is a simple yet flexible option for your superannuation savings. You can select from 12 investment options including the default MySuper option – the choice is yours.

Getting control of your super is easy with AMG

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